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Use HTTPS with Alarm Server

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  • Use HTTPS with Alarm Server


    When the alarm trigger, I would like to be able to make a POST request over HTTPS, but it seem that now is not configurable, and always is done over HTTP, and it's a GET request. It will be possible to do over HTTPS and with POST?
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    Currently this is not yet possible, because as you said currently only HTTP is possible. But HTTPS is already on our to-do list. I can not give you any specific date yet, but we are working on it and it will be integrated with a firmware update once ready. But it will only be integrated for the FULLHD Series since the HD Series does not support HTTPS.


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      Thank you. I have four IN-8003 cameras, that are FULLHD.

      I'll be waiting for it, and also would be great if you can add the possibility to choose the method, so POST is also available, not only GET.


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        At the moment there is no POST support as all automation systems that we tested supported GET. We will have to check if it is possible to add it to the alarm server function.

        We are using Node-RED as a workaround for the HTTPS support - e.g. for the homee System. This can also be used to add the POST method ->

        1. The camera sends a GET request on alarm over HTTP to the server running Node-RED
        2. Node-RED receives the request and triggers an HTTPS POST request to your webhook

        This can be set up quickly if you are already running a Raspberry Pi or similar.

        INSTAR Support


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          I'm using Home Assistant with a Raspberry Pi. I'll try using Node-RED.

          Thank you!


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            Hello again. Is there any news about the HTTPS (alarm server) support for FULLHD cameras?


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              sviudes I just checked - the HTTPS part is already fixed. But there is still a long list of bug fixes and feature enhancements on the list that are delaying the release. At the moment I cannot give you an ETA on the next update.


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                Thank you for the update. I'll keep waiting.